Support our Women's Build

On this day in 1956, thousands of women from all walks of life bravely marched to the Union Buildings in Pretoria to protest against Apartheid’s draconian pass laws.  Today, we are at the epicentre of leading a different type of struggle – the struggle to ensure “ A WORLD IN WHICH EVERY PERSON HAS A DECENT PLACE TO LIVE”. 

Habitat for Humanity South Africa  in partnership with the Barolong Traditional Royal House celebrates this Women’s Month by building safe, decent houses for 2 vulnerable female-headed households impacted by Gender Based Violence in the village of Noga’s Post in Thaba ‘Nchu, Free State.

This Women’s Build, we pay tribute to the incredible women who fought and continue to fight for improved living standards. Throughout our work, it is evident that women are most marginalized yet they are the heart of family dignity, hope and community building.

This partnership seeks to highlight the critical role of women in Thaba ‘Nchu while improving the overall well-being of 2 vulnerable female-headed households who both endured years of violence, abuse and neglect at the hands of their partners. They currently reside in dilapidated mud structures without appropriate facilities required to provide a better life for their children and grandchildren. This partnership will ensure that by the end of Women’s Month, these families will be proud owners of homes that will also have Jojo tanks installed to further ensure their self-reliance through farming and agricultural activities.

This Women’s month, let us show love to women by supporting them to achieve stability and self-reliance through access to decent shelter.