Nelson Mandela Day

Build Week 2017 - Drieziek

Thanks to you, the Nelson Mandela International Day Build Week was hosted in Drieziek 4, Orange Farm, Gauteng. In partnership with the Nelson Mandela Foundation and the Gauteng Department of Human Settlements, Habitat SA hosted over 4000 volunteers, provided 87 jobs for the locals and built 41 homes for vulnerable and elderly-headed households during the five days. On the Tuesday, we celebrated Tata Madiba’s legacy (as well as Tata Kulati’s birthday!)

The most touching part of entering into a new relationship with a partner community is engaging with its people and having them share their stories with you – many of the beneficiaries have been living in Drieziek 4, Orange Farm for 23 years (since our 1994 first democratic elections), tirelessly holding on to the hope of a decent place to live. Daily, they endure the challenges of living in a shack; dust, rats, shared pit latrine toilets, exposure to the elements, overcrowding, no electricity, no running water, crime, sickness…the list goes on and the overwhelm is real, but then one meets Mary and Nomasista and Joyce and Merriam and Trevor and Thembi and Lizzie and Lehlonolo (et al) and one is reminded of the creativity and hope and dignity and life and love sustaining each (wo)man’s story. We were truly blessed to be welcomed into their ‘homes’ and to experience the power of every hand making a difference as we worked side by side making their dream of a decent livelihood a reality.

The event brought together various organisations who offered donations of 67 litres of paint (Powafix), R 51 000 worth of tools (Cashbuild), 67 indigenous trees (Keith Kirsten Waterfall), blankets (Catholic Church) and soccer balls (CCG) to the community – all were received with such heartfelt gratitude.

The event also served as an incredible platform for brand exposure, as Patrick conducted many media interviews on-site in which he was able to talk around our Value Proposition and introduce new messaging as to who, what, why and how HFHSA works alongside partners and communities.

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2018 will mark a major milestone in the incredible story of Nelson Mandela, his Centenary.

Habitat SA in partnership with the Nelson Mandela Foundation is honouring his legacy by building 100 homes for 100 families in three regions; Western Cape, Gauteng and KwaZulu Natal. Building the South Africa Nelson Mandela dreamed of is only possible if we come together to raise our hearts, hands and voices to build strength, stability and self-reliance through shelter.