Volunteer Builds

Habitat for Humanity
South Africa

“Building a home isn’t about giving a couple a house… It is helping someone fulfil a basic human need for safety and shelter, it’s a space for a mother to keep her children safe and warm, off the streets… a place for children to come to study and build their own brighter futures… maybe a refuge for a four legged scoundrel who might have otherwise roamed the streets… a place where a grandma or grandpa can grow old with dignity…  it is laying the foundation for a healthier society…”

Joni van Niekerk, Volunteer


By partnering with communities, Government, donors and the private sector to construct and improve shelter for South Africa’s low-income families through volunteer build events.


Volunteer Build Events

A vital aspect to connecting volunteers with community is the fact that it is a mutually beneficial exchange. Stereotypes and preconceived ideas are challenged, hearts are changed and lives are transformed.

Volunteers often report that they receive far more from the experience than they give. This is an important part of Nation Building; relevant particularly now in South Africa’s development.

We see the volunteer build program as a vital catalyst for broader, long-term development of the families and communities we serve; uplifting families from shelter-poverty to stability and self-reliance.


For more information or to book your team build: [email protected]