Pay it Forward

– and reap the rewards

The loyal support of our donors enables us to continue to bring people together to provide decent shelter, improve livelihoods and reduce housing poverty for low-income families.

Poverty can be beaten
Effective interventions can break the cycle of poverty for families stuck in a seemingly impossible situation. Through an empowering development approach, supported by long term partnerships, individuals will drive their own sustainable development.

Giving brings us closer towards creating the South Africa we ALL want to live in
Addressing our historical inequalities is not only a question of justice. Giving lets us work towards building a South Africa that’s safer, healthier, happier, more stable and more just for all.

Even small donations can have an impact
You don’t have to be a millionaire to make a significant difference. Even small donations have the potential to dramatically improve an individual’s quality of life.

Giving is tax-deductible
Your gift to us might entitle you to a tax break.
We are a public benefit organisation and as such, can issue you with a Section18A tax certificate to the value of your donation.
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Habitat for Humanity South Africa is a registered non-profit company (NPC): 011817 NPO / PBO No. 18-11-13-848