Lenasia South

“I have been long hoping to have a nice house and now I am happy that the time has come my family is going to have a proper home with a proper toilet inside and [the] children will have their own room.” 

— Jeannet Chautsane, Homeowner, Lawley
Lawley is a township in City of Johannesburg in the Gauteng province, it’s named for Sir Arthur Lawley, the British Lieutenant-Governor of the Transvaal from 1902 to 1906. HFHSA are partnering with the community of Lawley for the first time – the July Build being an entry point into the long-term impact that our Community Development programme intends to serve.

Challenges that currently face the community include poor infrastructire (poorly tarred roads), ill-equipped school facilities, inconsistent service provision (power failures), leadership conflicts and a lack of skills development training for the community’s youth. Habitat for Humanity SA has mobilised homeowners to participate in the housing development process.

Through shelter, we aim to contribute to meaningful social change and development in Drieziek by enhancing capabilities and capitalising on existing resources to build strength, stability and self-reliance on a household level. The programme aims to bring people together to co-create solutions to shelter problems, facilitate access to decent and affordable shelter and to sustain the socio-economic outcomes that emerge from the process.