P4 Approach

People-Public-Private Partnerships



Habitat SA’s strategic vision takes on a holistic community-centered and shelter-aligned development approach in which the community remains the primary driver of their development process. According to this vision, our development approach is informed by a people-centred developmental model which emphasises community participation and bottom-up strategies. This approach involves creating synergy through a People-Public-Private Partnership (P4) model in order to realise our mission. Each of the 4 P’s play a significant role in achieving sustainable and holistic results.

Our community partners are at the core of the P4 approach. Through a process of intensive dialogue and engagement we co-produce action plans and development interventions which speak directly to community-identified priorities to ensure sustainability, impact and transformation.

Habitat SA is committed to collaborate with government at all spheres. Grassroots interventions inform our advocacy work through evidence and experience, and our advocacy positions are guided by our community-based practice. Leveraging on this symbiotic relationship, we inform and influence government policies and systems to facilitate access to adequate shelter.

Habitat builds bridges between communities that have identified their resource gaps and private sector stakeholders who want to be part of their development solution. We furthermore provide individual citizens with the opportunity to be part of a co-created solution through active citizenry opportunities.

Acknowledging that the solution to the enormous challenge of inclusive urban development does not lie with a single actor alone, we are committed to creating a platform where the collective resources, capabilities, knowledge and skills of an array of partners can be harnessed and directed.