Habitat’s Voice

By creating awareness of the critical need for sustainable community development and its ability to break the cycle of poverty, Habitat SA stands as a credible voice for change. We encourage active citizens and corporations to join this journey.

Our Advocacy approach seeks to drive forward the implementation of proven, practical and replicable best practice models of responsible housing delivery to effect changes in policies, systems and attitudes on all three levels of government.

This approach is built around a People-Public-Private-Partnership (P4) Model to achieve integrated and sustainable human settlements. Keeping the community’s voice and engagement at the centre, Habitat’s P4 Model allows for strong partnerships between the people, government, private sector and civil society.

Our Advocacy approach recognizes Government’s aim to transform communities and improve the lives of citizens as voiced through the National Development Plan (NDP) 2030. However, we realise that the goals of the NDP 2030 can only be achieved through combined efforts and resilient partnerships between the people (community), the private sector, civil society and government. Therefore our advocacy efforts aim to use our P4 approach to effect change on a policy level by learning from on-the-ground experiences of delivering integrated and sustainable shelter and shelter-related solutions.