“I’ll be Home for Christmas”


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Not every South African family will experience the joy of Christmas in the comfort of a decent home this year. Many live in shacks made of combustible materials, iron zinc fragments and cardboard – exposed to the elements and vulnerable to crime, illnesses, injuries and death. For them, Christmas is not an enjoyable experience in a family home of their own.

Approximately 12 million South Africans live in extreme poverty. The current housing backlog is in excess of 2 million houses. Many will not have a home for Christmas, but Habitat for Humanity SA is mobilising support through funding that will be used to implement the following projects which are intended to address shelter poverty in an innovative and sustainable manner – and you can help us achieve this…


This Christmas, we’re unwrapping exciting programmes


Christmas is a time to spread transformational love. We are asking you to donate any amount of money towards increasing the impact and scope of delivery of these projects in the provinces that we serve.

Together we build more than houses. Together we can make a difference cemented with love, dignity and hope.


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To request more in-depth information on these projects or the work that Habitat for Humanity SA does, please connect with us.