Global Village Builds

Habitat for Humanity is a global, nonprofit housing organisation. We believe that by connecting communities from around the world, we move closer to a world where everyone, everywhere has a decent place to call home.

To achieve this goal and vision, we run a volunteer program that spans 40 countries called Global Village for schools, universities, corporations and other groups of committed people.

Volunteering with us means you will work, under expert supervision, with local volunteers and future homeowners as they seek to improve their lives by building or renovating their homes and communities.

The work is rewarding in many ways and doesn’t require any prior expertise or training.

Tasks for the week include but are not limited to:

• Mixing Cement
• Moving and laying blocks
• Smoothing / bagging walls
• Clearing site
• Moving sand
• Helping to build a new home for a family

We have 2 major events where we can accommodate GV teams; International Nelson Mandela Build in July (Mfuleni, Cape Town and Umgababa, KwaZulu Natal), World Habitat Build Event on the first Monday in October (Mfuleni, Cape Town and Umgababa, KwaZulu Natal)

Should teams wish to participate at any other time that is outside of the special events, they are welcome to do so.

Preferred participation months are:

Cape Town: February – October
KwaZulu Natal: March – October

Please review our website or contact your local Habitat for Humanity office to find out more.

If you would like to volunteer, please contact the relevant country office listed below:

Germany, Switzerland and Austria | [email protected]
Great Britain | [email protected]
The Netherlands | [email protected]
Northern Ireland | [email protected]
Ireland | [email protected]
The United States | [email protected]
Canada | [email protected]

If you are from another country in Europe, the Middle East or Africa, please contact our area office at [email protected]

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