Farewell to Felicity


How does one summarise 7 years’ of sharing someone’s life into one paragraph? There is a season for everything under the and whilst some seasons appear endless, others come to a halt all too quickly. 

Felicity joined Habitat at a time of great turmoil when Habitat embarked on a new strategy whilst retrenching large numbers of its staff. Felicity initially joined as receptionist before being absorbed into the Food and Muffins (Fundraising & Marketing) team. As a team we faced many challenges and having Felicity as our Administrator made our workload exceedingly easier.

Feli has been our bright star with a big beautiful personality. Problems disappeared when Feli was around and we all dreaded when she had to take leave. Even when her mom passed away we asked Feli to come back earlier because we could not do without her. We shared tears and laughter, tender moments, great frustrations and many highlights. Feli gave 200% to Habitat and was one of the most loyal and hardworking people I have ever met. Habitat lost one of our greats but I wish her well and she is going to an organisation who needs her – we only had her for a short season and will miss her dearly but she will always be part of us. Once a Habitatian, always a Habitatian:-) 

Many people have come and gone and every so often you find someone who really finds its resting place in your heart. Above all, Feli is the daughter of a King who was very steadfast in her faith, always encouraging and pointing us to Jesus. 

Lea Schafer – Volunteer Engagement Specialist, Habitat for Humanity SA