Nelson Mandela Day Build – JHB

Palm Ridge
13 - 17 July 2020


The Next Chapter – Committing to 10 Years of Change

 “We must use time wisely and forever realise that the time is always ripe to do right.” Nelson Mandela

Habitat for Humanity South Africa in partnership with the Nelson Mandela Foundation and the Department of Human Settlements is honouring Tata Madiba’s legacy by building homes for low-income families. Building the South Africa Nelson Mandela dreamed of is only possible if we come together and raise our hearts, hands and voices to build strength, stability and self-reliance through shelter.

It was Mandela’s dream to eradicate poverty in South Africa. Habitat SA believes that the security of a home represents the foundation for low-income South African families to break free from their cycle of poverty.

Palm Ridge Community

The identified project is in the East of Johannesburg, under the City of Ekurhuleni – in Germiston. The project is projected to complete 3000 houses with three different contractors constructing 1000 each. Temi construction is the partner in this project.

It is a green-field project, beneficiaries who are scattered all over east rand including the following informal settlements: Phola Park, Sonkezizwe and Thembalihle.

The housing development is integrated; it includes both RDP and serviced site development. The project will take a period of three years to be completed. Habitat for Humanity SA will be facilitating the community development in this community while hosting build events with Temi Construction.

Challenges that currently face the community include poor infrastructure (poorly tarred roads), ill-equipped school facilities, inconsistent service provision (power failures), leadership conflicts and a lack of skills development training for the community’s youth.

Habitat for Humanity SA has mobilised homeowners to participate in the housing development process. Through shelter, we aim to contribute to meaningful social change and development in Palm Ridge by enhancing capabilities and capitalising on existing resources to build strength, stability and self-reliance on a household level. The programme aims to bring people together to co-create solutions to shelter problems, facilitate access to decent and affordable shelter and to sustain the socio-economic outcomes that emerge from the process. 

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