Habitat for Humanity SA April Build Cancelled

Proactive measure taken due to Covid-19

In light of President Cyril Ramaphosa’s announcement on the lockdown of South Africa for 21 days starting March 26 through April 16, 2020, Habitat for Humanity SA has taken a proactive measure to cancel our April Volunteer Build that was scheduled to run from 20 – 24 April 2020.

Habitat for Humanity believes that a decent home is the foundation to improved livelihoods; health and safety. Now, more than ever, the importance of adequate housing has been described as “the front line of defense against the COVID-19 outbreak” (Mrs Leilani Farha, UN Special Rapporteur). As the country faces the uncertain effects of the corona pandemic, our thoughts are with the most vulnerable in the communities that we serve; who have little or no access to shelter, sanitation and running water. 

It is with this focus that Habitat for Humanity SA intends to use the next 21 days to work on projects and partnerships that have been (and are being) developed to assist with more urgent delivery of these basic human rights. Through advocating on behalf of our communities, engaging with Government and calling on the support of stakeholders and corporate donors, Habitat for Humanity SA intends to strengthen its position and influence transformational change that will serve in rebuilding the nation when we return to our volunteer and build events.

May the turbulence of these days bind us to each other and our shared mission, which is more important now than it ever has been. Together, we are better. Together, we will get through this. And together, we will rebuild.

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