This Christmas, you can give the gift of a decent home to a person with disabilities who has struggled with accessibility and independence in shelter that does not sufficiently address potential barriers faced by the disabled in its design.

A decent home provides ease of space to move for people with disabilities.


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People with disabilities currently account for 5.1% of the population aged 5 years and older in South Africa. 

People living with disabilities face far greater challenges in accessing housing and other basic services such as health care and education. Women and children living with disabilities in informal settlements are the most vulnerable to these challenges which include; discrimination, social exclusion, barriers to access, structural hazards and exposure to both criminal and environmental elements. They are at an increased risk of economic isolation and with little chance of securing employment.

Housing project and settlement responses are often designed to provide a standardised solution to a community’s needs, without sufficiently addressing the unique vulnerabilities and needs associated with the unique challenges faced by persons with disabilities. Imagine living in a space that does not adequately provide for your specific disability-requirements – having no access to your entry and exit points; having to use a pit latrine at night; not being able to reach your basin/sink?

Habitat for Humanity South Africa believes that persons with disabilities have the right to self-reliance through the appropriate design of a decent home. Through the correct support and social infrastructure, we can give the disabled person this independence, enabling them to support themselves in a dignified manner.

Our Disabled Housing Programme is designed to facilitate the building of decent homes for the disabled in partnership with private individuals, companies and government.

Through the programme HFHSA also offers relevant social support to beneficiaries.

  • Decent houses are built for disabled in critical need
  • Existing structures are upgraded and retrofitted with the alleviation of challenges based on the benficiary’s disability in the design and solution
  • Social needs and support of persons with disabilities are provided
  • Relationships between local support-organisations and the disabled within communities are built.
  • Better designed housing and subsidies for the disabled is prioritised
  • Housing needs of the disabled are highlighted and included in policy proposals


You can ensure that Christmas 2020 is a joyous occasion, as they celebrate it in a space that ensures ease of movement and support.


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