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Covid-19: Housing at the Centre


Habitat for Humanity SA (HFHSA) has been blessed over the last 24 years to receive generous support from our loyal partners, which has allowed us to serve the most vulnerable in our country. Millions of families have suffered the effects of housing poverty for generations, but at a time when a decent home is literally the difference between life and death, HFHSA calls on you to take action against the impacts of COVID-19 on our poorest communities.  

We ask you to join us in this time of crisis — and to continue to journey with us when the urgency has lifted – to fulfil our vision of building decent homes for all South Africans.

Partnership in a Time of Lockdown

Habitat for Humanity International took the decision at the beginning of March to suspend all Global Village Builds (international volunteers investing and building in SA) indefinitely. In light of President Cyril Ramaphosa’s announcement of South Africa’s 21-day lockdown, HFHSA has taken a proactive measure to postpone all local Builds for the immediate future.

HFHSA will not only experience huge financial losses due to the cancellation of local and international Volunteer Build Events but our beneficiary communities will also be impacted by the delay in our interventions. Families will experience a delay in receiving their homes and a delay in receiving our critical community development interventions. Delays that these families can ill-afford.

For the time being, it is best to allow public health agencies and organisations specialising in disease prevention to lead efforts to contain COVID-19 and we are very much supporting public health officials and our partners who specialise in this area. HFHSA’s utmost priority at all times is protecting the people and communities we serve.

How can you help us?

HFHSA cannot face these immense challenges on our own and we are unable to assist communities without your partnership and investment. Where you have joined hands with us in building before, we ask you now to go beyond the build and assist us in strengthening our short- and long-term efforts towards delivering on our combined mission.

Two ways in which you can consider helping us during this time

Option 1:

In the short term HFHSA needs your assistance in helping to roll out our life saving Water and Sanitation Hygiene (WaSH) solution. Many families have no access to piped water in the shelter that they are isolated in. This causes many to have to share communal water points and/or travel daily to access the resources they need to keep themselves sanitised and safe. Social distancing and self-isolation is an impossible task, putting many at risk of the spread of Covid-19 and countering the efforts that government has taken in preventative response. In partnership with local and national government, HFHSA has put together a plan to deliver essential sanitising products with the delivery of water to these effected communities. Your donation would support our efforts and increase the speed and scope of delivery.

Option 2:

HFHSA asks you to consider investing in HFHSA’s program and project offerings, so that when lockdown is lifted and the time is right, we can be prepared and strengthened to rebuild. HFHSA would ask to utilise this investment where it is needed the most.

These projects include: 


Together, we are better. Together, we will get through this. And together, we will rebuild.

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