This Christmas, you can give the gift of a decent home to a child who has been left orphaned and bears the responsibility of caring for his/her siblings in inadequate living conditions.

A decent home provides the space to learn, play and dream for a child.


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19,8% of South Africa’s children live with neither their mother or their father

7.9% of South Africa’s children don’t go to school due to family commitments


Khayelitsha in the Western Cape is home to over 14,000 orphans living in 43 square kilometers, many without access to sanitation, water, and electricity.

Housing is central to a child’s healthy development. Specifically, the quality of housing is the most important aspect of housing for children. When children live in poor quality housing, they experience more psychological stress, and show elevated levels of emotional problems, including symptoms of depression and anxiety; as well as elevated behavioural problems, like aggression, lying, and deceitfulness. Adolescents also show lower school success in core academic subjects. Addressing housing quality may be most critical for promoting children’s health and well-being.

Besides inadequate shelter, these children are often denied the basic human right to an identity as birth certificates and identification documents have either been lost, or not made available to them.

Our Orphan and Vulnerable Housing Programme will work to eliminate children’s experiences of substandard housing, thereby supporting their growth and development in partnership with private individuals, companies and government. In addition to structural upgrades, social facilitation will be initiated through workshops such as health, study guidance, etc.

Through the programme HFHSA also offers relevant social support to beneficiaries.

  • Existing structures are upgraded
  • Social needs and support of children are provided
  • Relationships between local support-organisations and the children within communities are built.
  • Housing needs of Orphan and Vulnerable-Headed households are highlighted and included in policy proposals


You can ensure that Christmas 2020 is a joyous occasion, as they celebrate it in a space that ensures the best foundation for a hope-filled future.


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