Habitat for Humanity South Africa is dedicated to the long-term development and sustainability of South Africa’s low-income housing sector and is focused on building thriving communities. With the support of active citizens and stakeholder partners, communities are strengthened through enhanced leadership capacity, skills development training and fostering self-belief to take the lead in their sustainable development. We are committed to bringing people together to help build decent shelters with low-income families and improve their livelihoods.

Vacancies (2)

(1) Regional Finance Manager

Position Summary.

This position is responsible for providing financial management support to the National Directors and National Finance Managers to improve financial performance in the Branches and National organizations in AFR area office.

Note- Closing date for applications is on 24th June 2024

Roles and Responsibilities.
Financial management and technical oversight:

  • Provide ongoing Finance support to AFR HFHI Branches and National Organizations (NO).
  • Perform quality control reviews of Branch/NO financial reports, including producing the financial and statistical indicators. Follow up with HFHI Branch and NO Finance to ensure all issues raised during the review process are addressed.
  • Monitor and ensure all HFHI Branch/NO financial operations are carried out according to HFHI policies/procedures, accepted international accounting standards (GAAP, IFRS) and within local laws.
  • Support and review budget performance by each Branch or National Organization (NO), ensuring that Monthly Project Management Reports are issued and reviewed as a best practice.
  • Support the implementation of internal control policies and procedures in AFR HFHI Branch and National Organizations (NO), and perform periodic compliance check of the same.
  • Ad-hoc review of business processes to ensure effective and efficient flow of financial and business data into the Branch / NO Accounting System, and in compliance with Project-Based Funding principles.
  • Perform reviews of Branch/NO accounting system & maintenance to ensure accurate revaluation, reporting and compliance.
Audits (External and Internal):
  • Coordinate the planning, preparation and completion of HFHI Branch Audits in line with HFHI external audit policy whilst ensuring that all timelines are met.
  • Review reconciliation and consolidation of HFHI Branch audit reports in support of HFHI annual external audit timelines and standards.
  • Review reconciliations of independent HFH NO external audits to ledger to ensure that audit adjustments are correctly posted.
  • Review External Audit management letter recommendations with various AFR teams and monitor to ensure that outstanding audit management issues are resolved in a timely manner, updating management and Internal Controls unit on progress.
  • Review internal audit reports of AFR Branches/NO and support AFR Internal Controls unit in resolving issues identified by IAD.
Financial planning and budgeting:
  • Support AFR AO in the development of Branch/NO annual plans and budgets.
  • Ensure that budgets are reviewed for consistency within existing/planned business activity, account/project/fund codes and fund accounting practices.
  • Highlight significant variances and cash management issues to AFR AO.
  • Coordinate completion of NO Forecast.
International Fund Transfers:
  • Review and approval of international transfer requests from branches and National offices in the AFR AO.
  • Ensure all transfers are tracked and reported accurately at Branch/NO level.
Policies and Procedures:
  • Support AFR Branches/NO and GRC function in the roll-out of new policies & procedures.
  • Support GRC function in reviewing the effectiveness and efficiency of the controls.
Capacity building:
  • Provide on-going advice and consultancy on financial issues to the AFR Branches/NO including accounting, reporting, cash-flow, systems, policies & procedures, internal controls etc.
  • Identify Branch/NO staff training needs and address the financial training needs by conducting such training or finding alternative resources for such trainings.
  • Assist in recruitment process at Branch/NO level.
  • Provide support to the AFR branches/national offices in the management of implementing partners.
Other support:
  • Provide support to AFR Branches/NO and GCDR function in managing grants. This includes, but not limited to, overseeing grant budget preparation, budget implementation and supporting the AFR AO Grant Management in monitoring and reviewing grants.
  • Facilitates implementation of Project Based Funding business process.
  • Provide support to AFR Branches/NO and HF function in developing and implementation of healthy credit portfolio management practices.
  • Provide financial and operational support to the AFR office when necessary.
Minimum education required:
• Education: Bachelor’s Degree in Finance, Accounting or related field.
• CPA/Chartered accountant.
Minimum years of relevant work experience:
  • 7 years’ experience in international accounting or financial management.
  • 2 years auditing experience preferred.
  • 3 years’ experience in grant management.
Skills, competencies and experience:
  • A demonstrated knowledge of finance, accounting and GAAP reporting
  • Minimum education required:
  • Education: Bachelor’s Degree in Finance, Accounting or related field.
  • CPA/Chartered accountant.
Skills, competencies and experience:
  • A demonstrated knowledge of finance, accounting and GAAP reporting.
  • Strong organizational skills with ability to manage multiple projects simultaneously.
  • Strong analytical skills, detail oriented and ability to work and interpret numbers, figures and other financial information.
  • Proficiency in MS Office Applications and experience working with several different accounting software packages required.
  • Strong Communication skills – both oral and written.
  • Ability to work with other cultures.
  • Patience and perseverance in understanding and explaining issues with field staff.
  • Ability to address issues and effect change through persuasion and diplomacy.
  • The flexibility and independence to work in a changing and unstructured environment. Ability to work interdependently within a team.
  • Creativity and innovativeness.
  • Servant Leadership: Model servant leadership and motivate other leaders, staff members, beneficiaries and volunteers in following the vision of HFHI.
  • Ability to learn fast and implement change in dynamic environments.
Preferred – in addition to minimum:
  • Work experience with INGOs would be an advantage.
  • Experience in using SunSystems or equivalent. Experience in installation and training on computerized accounting systems is an added advantage.
  • Experience in conducting trainings for both finance and non-finance audiences.
  • Experience managing change would be an advantage.


Nairobi Kenya/ Addis Ababa Ethiopia/Kampala-Uganda/ Lilongwe-Malawi/ Lusaka-Zambia/ Maseru-Lesotho/Johannesburg-South Africa/ Dar-es Salaam-Tanzania/ Abidjan-CDI.
Job Type:


Full-time – Salaried
Employment Type:


International Employment
Job Function:


Finance / Accounting

(2) Associate Director, Program Operations

Position Summary.

Habitat for Humanity International (HFHI) established in 1976 and registered on 18 March 1977 in Americus, Georgia, United States of America (USA), is a non-profit corporation, with Headquarters in Atlanta, USA. HFHI operates as a non-governmental, ecumenical, Christian housing ministry whose vision is “a world where everyone has a decent place to live”. HFHI works globally in over 70 countries through its branches, national organizations and local partners and has directly helped over 34 million people improve their housing conditions worldwide while serving millions more through advocacy and market development strategies. In Africa HFHI operates both through a branch office (HFH East Africa) and affiliate entities. Habitat for Humanity South Africa (HFH SA). HFH SA’s affiliation to HFHI is guided by a National Affiliation Agreement (NAA) and a Memorandum of understanding (MOU).

HFHI in collaboration with HFH SA seeks to recruit an Associate Director Program Operations. Reporting to Director of Program Operations at (HFHI), the Associate Director will possess a unique blend of leadership qualities, strategic acumen, operational expertise, project management and a strong commitment to advancing the organization’s mission of providing adequate housing and shelter for those in need. The purpose of this position will be to facilities and support programmatic, business and governance for HFH SA ensuring sustainable operations.

Note- Closing date for applications is on 21st June 2024

Roles and Responsibilities.

Collaborate with National Director (ND) of HFH SA and HFHI on Strategic Leadership:

  • Facilitate seamless collaboration between HFHI and HFH SA, working closely with HFHI’s Program Operations Director and the HFH SA National Director.
  • Root Cause Analysis: Conduct a thorough assessment to identify the root causes of the challenges faced by HFH South Africa. This may involve reviewing financial records, conducting staff interviews, and analyzing past project performance.
  • Support the National Director in the development of the country’s strategic plan to enhance organizational stability, resilience, and long-term sustainability.
  • Collaborate closely with the National Director and the Director of Program Operations at Habitat for Humanity International (HFHI) to align operational strategies, goals, and initiatives with broader organizational objectives.
  • Prioritize identification and remediation of broken systems in financial management and other operational areas before leading broader strategic initiatives.
  • Foster close collaboration and coordination with departmental leads in regional and global offices to leverage resources, share best practices, and promote synergy across organizational functions and geographies.

Operational Excellence:

  • Work closely with the Governance, Risk, and Compliance team to ensure that HFHSA has updated policies and procedures aligned with HFHI’s Policies and Procedures.
  • Oversee all aspects of organizational operations, with a particular focus on identifying and addressing deficiencies in financial management, administration, human resources, program management, and compliance.
  • Develop and implement operational best practices, standard operating procedures, and performance metrics to drive continuous improvement and operational excellence across the organization.

Financial Management and Sustainability:

  • Lead efforts to assess, diagnose, and address broken systems and deficiencies in financial management to ensure sound financial stewardship, transparency, and accountability in collaboration with the HFHI Regional Finance Manager and the HFH SA Finance and Corporate services manager.
  • In collaboration with HFHI Finance team and fundraising teams develop and implement strategies to enhance financial sustainability, optimize resource allocation, and diversify revenue streams once foundational financial systems are stabilized.

Talent Management and Leadership Development:

  • In collaboration with the National Director and HFHI HRBP team coordinate the development and implementation of talent management strategies, recruitment, retention, and professional development programs, focusing on building a skilled and motivated team capable of driving operational transformation and achieving organizational goals.
  • Coordinate with the ND and HFHI HRLOD team, to support HFH South Africa establish an enabling environment while emphasizing on accountability through developing a sustainable culture of managing performance throughout the year; communicate clear expectations, set SMART objectives, constructive performance feedback and documentation ensuring a people centered approach to performance management and in alignment with the HFH South Africa strategic goals.

Partnerships and Stakeholder Engagement:

  • In collaboration with the National director, develop a database for all the strategic partnerships with donors, government agencies, NGOs, community-based organizations, and other stakeholders.
  • Coordinate with the National Director, HFH SA Partnership teams to strengthen strategic partnerships with donors, government agencies, NGOs, community-based organizations, and other stakeholders to enhance collaboration, resource mobilization, and program impact.
  • Collaborate with stakeholders to identify opportunities for partnership and collaboration, leveraging their expertise and resources to address operational challenges and achieve organizational objectives.

Risk Management and Compliance:

  • Identify, assess, and mitigate operational risks and compliance challenges to ensure organizational resilience and adherence to legal, regulatory, and contractual requirements.
  • Establish robust systems and processes for monitoring and reporting on organizational performance, risks, and compliance, ensuring transparency and accountability in all operations.

Minimum Requirements:

  • Education: Master’s degree in international development, social sciences, public/business administration, or equivalent work experience at appropriate level
  • Years of Related Experience: Minimum of 7 years management experience in international development contexts or at a similar level. Minimum 10 years overall related experience
  • Experience in program development and good knowledge of donors, including multilateral, institutional and corporates.
  • Knowledge and experience in project design and management
  • Strong skills and experience in planning and budgeting
  • Board development skills and capacity building
  • Qualitative and quantitative analytic skills
  • Resource mobilization, training and capacity building, coaching/mentoring skills
  • Human resources management skill and knowledge
  • Profound understanding of and working experience in Africa region as well as its cultural/social/political environment

Preferred Requirements (in addition to minimum):

  • Demonstrated success in leading and managing complex, multi-stakeholder projects or programs within the international development sector.
  • Proven ability to cultivate and maintain relationships with diverse donors, including multilateral organizations, institutional donors, and corporate partners.
  • Experience in implementing innovative strategies for program design, monitoring, and evaluation, with a focus on achieving impact and sustainability.


South Africa
Job Type:


Full-time – Salaried
Employment Type:


International Employment
Job Function:


International Programs, Operations


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