How We Build

strength, stability and
self reliance

Through Partnership with communities and the private sector, stability, resilience and self-reliance is built in our project communities.

Community engagement involves working with community based leadership structures to promote sustainable change through capacity building, shelter and livelihood interventions.

Social cohesion, active community engagement, a sense of ownership and agency which are catalysts for sustainable community development are fostered.

In addition to community development, we partner with relevant civil society stakeholders to advocate for changes in the systems, policies and attitudes that prevent access to decent shelter for South Africa’s low-income families.


Our Approach

Our overarching developmental approach is informed by a People-Public-Private partnership (P-4) model which levels resources from communities, government and private sector to achieve sustainable community development and promote affordable shelter solutions.

Habitat for Humanity South Africa follows a 6-step programme in our ongoing community development work in the communities we serve.

1. Partnership Approach
  • Identify community need through partnership with communities and Human Settlement sector stakeholders.
2. Project Alignment
  • Choose projects that align with Habitat for Humanity’s vision and mission
3. Needs Assessment
  • Social scoping and in-depth surveys deepen our knowledge of the partner community’s needs.
4. Capacity Building
  • Facilitate the community’s election of a strong leadership structure.
  • Equip community leadership with skills and tools through ongoing training to leverage resources and networks in line with identified needs.
5. Action Planning
  • Co-create and implement a Community Action Plan (CAP) that directs the resources, skills and partnerships necessary to address the project community’s needs.
6. Self-sustained & thriving
  • Enable communities through strength, stability and self-reliance to sustain and lead their own development.
  • Capacitate other communities through horizontal learning to have the same resilience.