• 03 Dec 2015

8As part of our community development work, communities are empowered to reach their greatest potential through education. This month Habitat led a workshop with the Pelican Park Owners Association on self-awareness and also facilitated a workshop with the community on Housing Consumer Education.

What is self-awareness? How can you use your strengths to empower your community? These were the main focus areas for Habitat for Humanity South Africa’s latest leadership development workshop with the Pelican Park Owners Association (PPOA) on 12 and 14 November.

9Gail, a member of the PPOA, said, “If you don’t know who you are, then you don’t know where you’re going or your purpose.” These words grounded the PPOA’s goals for the workshop: to understand their own personalities and to capacitate one another to be stronger leaders. On 19 November, the group built on the previous workshop and created an actionable plan to highlight each other’s strengths at an upcoming event in their community.

In up-skilling the leadership in our partner communities, Habitat facilitated a series of bi-monthly workshops focusing on improving group cohesion and empowering the PPOA members to be agents of change within their community. Previous workshops focused on promoting open and efficient group dynamics. The PPOA also held a horizontal learning workshop with NACOSA, a partner non-profit organisation, where the two groups exchanged best management and fundraising practices.

20On 31 October, Habitat led a workshop on Do-It-Yourself (DIY) projects that the homeowners can do around their house. The attendees practiced how to fix cracks in the walls, mend a running toilet, and unblock drains and plugs. One of our homeowners said she was excited to get home and apply her new knowledge to a leaking toilet!