• 20 Jun 2016

Since our last update, the Pelican Park Owners Association (PPOA) has made enormous strides towards creating a more supportive and thriving community.

Mapping Assets and Developing the Community Action Plan

To progress out of poverty, families need to understand and determine their own choices. In Pelican Park, Habitat recently rolled out the Poverty Stoplight Tool – a scoping tool that allows families to “self-diagnose” their level of poverty and develop personalised strategies to permanently eradicate poverty from their lives.

Members of the PPOA and Pelican Park Youth League

Members of the PPOA and Pelican Park Youth League

The initial results show that the community is rich in trade skills and motivated to keep improving Pelican Park. The community will harness these tools of change in their development journey.

With this knowledge, the PPOA and Habitat designed their Community Action Plan. The Plan outlines tangible steps to move the development process forward.

Playing to their personal strengths, each PPOA member accepted ownership of a development project. John, the PPOA Chairperson, said, “This [CAP] is bigger than just a project. It’s our projects for our community.” The PPOA plans to work closely with partners and hopes to build a local primary school, Multi-Purpose/Skills Creation Centre, affordable transport options, and a community veggie garden.

Improving Health and Safety for all

Many communities in South Africa lack adequate and affordable healthcare options. In Pelican Park, for example, many residents face barriers to this basic human right. In an effort to bring healthcare to the community, Habitat has been involved in several initiatives, including the facilitation of a Health and Safety Learning Day and the opening of Abbeyfield Home.

Abbeyfield Home

Abbeyfield Home

At the Learning Day co-hosted by the PPOA, Habitat and a counselling student, the community came together to learn about topics such as substance abuse, HIV & TB, and basic first aid training. Several stakeholders, like Sonke Gender Justice and Mosaic, also played an important role in making the event a success.

In addition, thanks to strong partnerships with Habitat, Power Construction, the CGI Church and other stakeholder partners, Abbeyfield senior citizen home recently opened their doors and welcomed 13 residents in Pelican Park. Abbeyfield is a national advocate for affordable housing and care for senior citizens. “It was important for us to get a foot into that new community,” said Abbeyfield Director Roedolf Kay. “We needed to have the backing of the community and to be able to partner with it which Habitat for Humanity is helping us to achieve.”

The facility focuses on building a sense of community for older persons. The residents share a backyard veggie garden and will also spend time with children from a local creche, thereby joining people across different generations.

We look forward to building on the learnings from the Health Fair and creating a healthier, safer Pelican Park!

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