• 12 Feb 2016

Habitat for Humanity is dedicated to transformational and community-driven development in South Africa. In the Pelican Park community, the leadership and homeowners are empowered to address the challenges they face and to drive their own solutions.

In January Habitat facilitated a leadership development workshop with the Pelican Park Owners Association (PPOA), focusing on creating a Code of Conduct and planning for the year. Building on what they had learned in previous workshops, the PPOA agreed that unity, understanding, compromise, and open communication were fundamental values they would demonstrate to each other and to Habitat.   Aziza, the PPOA Treasurer, said, “Understanding is the best thing in the world, and that is what we need to implement here. Understanding and communication is the key.”

Habitat’s Community Development Practitioner also stressed the importance of love, grace and respect, as well as empowerment and support.

The 200 Year Plan

After watching an inspiring TEDTalk, Habitat’s Community Development Practitioner challenged the PPOA with the following: What is your 200 year plan? How will the PPOA build a lasting legacy of a happy and thriving community?

PPOA member Amanda said, “Creativity is the most important tool. Sometimes you don’t know what’s inside of you until you try.” Taking this to heart, the group had a visionary brainstorming session to determine ways to improve the well-being and livelihoods of the people living in the community now and for years to come.

Everyone committed to creating a safe, drug-free community in partnership with Habitat, the City of Cape Town, South Africa Police Service, and other organisations. The PPOA also discussed working with service providers to generate employment opportunities for residents and the construction of a health clinic, local school and Youth Development Centre.

The passion of the PPOA demonstrates that when people take pride and ownership in improving their community, the community will grow and thrive for years to come. Like our Facebook Page  to see further updates from Pelican Park.