• 07 Mar 2017

Steve Voortman, Digital & Social Media Intern

For as long as I can remember, and longer my parents assure me, I have always been interested in the lives of others and have always felt the injustices of the world as though they were done unto me.  Although I grew up relatively sheltered in a suburban neighbourhood, the troubles of the world always seemed to seep through, in various  forms, such as of Zapiro cartoons which I loved since before I could read, much to the dismay of my parents who had to do their best to explain politics to a 5-year-old. After school, I completed a BA International Studies degree at Stellenbosch University, which focussed on Political Science, History and Anthropology. Having studied International Studies, I decided that I needed some meaningful “world experience”, so I became a full-time teacher in a remote village in the rural foothills of northern Thailand. Over the year I spent there, I learned much about the way in which people live their lives and continue the slow march of progress, despite vast inequalities.   Home was beckoning, and I knew I must heed her call. My journey had come to a close, back where it began but with a renewed sense of hope.

Although I have enjoyed studying in the past, I have decided that to further my studies, I must first gain a true understanding of the lives of other people, and gain a first-hand, practical understanding of the finer nuances within the Sustainable development sector. I chose to volunteer my time at Habitat for Humanity as I believe that it is a solid and determined organisation, aiming to provide realistic assistance to the greater community. I see Habitat as a way for me to ‘get my hands dirty’ and contribute in a tangible way.

What I hope to achieve from working at Habitat is a developed understanding of the successes, pitfalls, difficulties and opportunities present in Sustainable Development. I wish to learn about the various areas of work that Habitat provides, from marketing to leadership development to project management to fundraising. I hope to do a post-graduate Diploma in Sustainable Development next year at the Sustainability Institute – a partner of the School of Public Leadership at the University of Stellenbosch- and feel that working at Habitat will contribute towards a more refined perspective.

Dhivya T, Program M & E Intern

Intern 2I am an undergraduate Applied & Policy Economics major from Singapore, with a keen interest in sustainable development led by ground-up community initiatives. As such, Habitat for Humanity SA makes for a perfect fit.

I am thankful for the chance to contribute to and experience the workings of a community-based development NGO and to learn from other like-minded and inspirational individuals on the Habitat for Humanity SA Team.

I aspire to pursue a career as a development economist in the future and thus, am certain that this internship will be a formative and invaluable experience. It has thus far been surreal to see development theory I’ve learned about in school being put into practice in addressing the needs of real communities and I am undoubtedly excited for the journey ahead.

Patrick Kulati, National Director

patrick-kulati-copyPatrick joined Habitat on 3 October 2016. Patrick is an experienced leader with expertise in areas such as strategic leadership, change management, stakeholder management, business planning processes, human resources management and governance at senior levels. He has worked in various NPOs, university and local government sectors. In 2002, he was selected as part of a crop of young leaders to develop Mt Fleur Scenarios known as South Africa 2020 Scenarios under the auspices of African Leadership Institute, United Nations Development Programme and the University of the Western Cape. Patrick is married to Nomonde and they have a boy, Likhwezi and a girl, Lelihle.

Hannalie Malan, Policy Researcher

Hannalie joined Habitat on 16 August 2016. She has a background in architecture and is currently completing a Masters of Philosophy in Urban Infrastructure Design and Management at the University of Cape Town. She is passionate about inclusive urban development and works in different communities to encourage ownership and facilitate a culture of civic involvement and public awareness. Hannalie joined Habitat to be able to help add value to sustainable community development processes.


Hayley Cressall, Program Intern


Hayley was an intern with our Program team from Canada. “It has been such an amazing experience to get to work with such a passionate team. It’s amazing to see all of the relationships that they have made in the communities and the lives that Habitat has changed. Habitat  enables community members to take control of their own lives and be proud of who they are. I am very proud to be part of the team and part of Habitat’s journey.



Megan Smith, Program Intern

Megan Smith is a Program intern with Habitat. “I started in August as a part of my Master’s Social Policy and Management internship. I chose Habitat as I have a passion for skills development and capacity building. It has been amazing to see what I am learning put into practice as well as see the determination and commitment by the Habitat staff. It has been an invaluable learning experience and I am loving the journey.