Young Professionals and Leadership Build – CPT

March 2020 (tbc)


“The greatest good you can do for another is not just to share your riches but to reveal to him his own.” Benjamin Disraeli

Young professionals are an essential part of continuing South Africa’s leadership capacity.

Mentorship is something that requires strong commitment from the experienced and the eager to learn. The end results, however, are more than worth it. The CEO & Young Professional’s Build aims to connect experience with young potential; to offer a platform to engage, share lessons, create connections and provide invaluable opportunities toward hope-filled futures.

Bardale, Mfuleni Community

Although Mfuleni is located only 30 kilometres from Cape Town, its residents face many challenges accessing the opportunity and prosperity of the urban centre.

Despite these challenges, the community is mobilising for change.

Mfuleni developed rapidly from an inflow of new inhabitants from neighbouring townships in the 1990’s, and is now home to over 20 000 households.

Despite significant challenges, the vibrant community is eager to build a vibrant and thriving living space. Many of Mfuleni’s residents are elderly, disabled or economically vulnerable persons. Now they will finally be able to realise their dream of having decent shelter for the first time. Highlights of the programme achieved to date include:

2007 – 2012: Habitat for Humanity partnered with the Mfuleni community and active citizens to build 488 homes. Mfuleni was the location of Habitat’s 2011 Desmond Tutu Community Build, where Archbishop Tutu himself visited the site and blessed all involved.

2015 – 2016: Habitat re-engaged with the Mfuleni community and built a further 14 homes together with Nokhanya Services and volunteers.

2017 –  20 homes were built in partnership with Sbu-Leno Construction and corporate volunteers during World Habitat Day Build Week in October, 2017.

2018 – 7 homes were built in partnership with Sbu-Leno Construction and corporate volunteers during a CHEP Employee Build, a Global Village Build and Nelson Mandela Centenary Build.

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