“Sometimes it falls on generation to be  great. You can be that great generation. Let your greatness blossom.”

~ Nelson Mandela, Launch of the ‘Make Poverty History’ campaign, Trafalgar Square, London, England, 3 February 2005


Together, we are that generation. 

Habitat for Humanity has been improving people’s lives all over the world since 1976. We’ve helped over 4 million people.

Here in South Africa, we’ve hosted over 18,000 inspired volunteers since 1996. People tend to think we’re all about building houses. But it’s about so much more than that.

For us, it’s a holistic process. We work with the community. We work with families. We work with the government and private citizens and corporations. And through our people centred approach we help communities address, improve and self-manage their development to sustain their economic futures. We’re also respected advocates in housing and community development policy.

We’re playing our part. We’re changing South Africa. And we’re so excited to welcome you.

Together, we ARE that great generation.  Join us today.

“It is in your hands to make a better world for all who live in it.”

~ Nelson Mandela, at the Nelson Mandela Foundation, 30 June 2009


  Hope is contagious, spread the word!



We are happy to announce that we have a World Habitat Day Team Event taking place in Orange Farm during the week of October 3rd - 7th! We have more details posted in our Events section. You can also follow our link below to our website to get involved. Send an email to whd@habitat.org.za for more information about signing up your team, costings, etc! We also have a team event in Mfuleni during the same week so get out there and help build the South Africa of our dreams! buff.ly/294kLoF ... See MoreSee Less

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